After working for an International Fashion Retailer for more than a decade, I realized how many products we are producing worldwide.

During my time working as an expat both abroad& overseas, I experienced even more how many fashion items I had to transfer every time we moved.

I definitely have been counting my blessings….and most importantly…it made me think how to realize a more sustainable flow of the existing fashion objects we own.

Now finally after returning to my hometown Rotterdam, I was able to visualize my dream of starting my own Vintage business.
Selling only high segment, good quality fashion items.

Most of my girlfriends have lead a similar lifestyle& they all have extended wardrobes full of Luxury brand garments, shoes& accessories.
Most of it only have been worn once, some never worn at all.
Just staying there in the closet…..waiting for what exactly?

The thought of recycling beautiful crafted fashion items has made me even more determined& enthusiastic to make my dream reality.

So ladies….this might be your golden opportunity to buy a precious garment for a reasonable price that won’t break the bank& you’re still be able to show off this beautiful collectors item, no one else will wear at the event you will join.

Isn’t that exactly what all fashionistas want?

In case you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at:

Am looking very much forward to welcome you!

Carpe Diem!